Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too Soon for Jeff by Marilyn Reynolds

Jeff Browning has his life entirely planned out -- and then something completely unexpected changes everything. A high school senior and college-bound debate team champ, he's heading for college, for sure. 

And then, just as he's about to break up with his girlfriend, Christy, she tells him that she's pregnant. And she's going to keep the baby.

Responsible enough to live with the consequences of his actions, Jeff sees his entire life turned upside down as he, the reliable student and good son, becomes the kid who threw his life away.

When I was a classroom teacher, my ESL students loved this book -- it's easy enough to read for a second language learner. I finally picked it up and was completely hooked. The characters are so believable and the writing is so straight-forward and honest. A fantastic book for struggling readers!

Note: For a girl's perspective on this issue, check out Reynolds' Detour for Emmy.

Bibliotherapeutic value: Jeff has to live with his guilt and his pain. He deals with the consequences of his actions and everyone's disapproval. A great book about doing the right thing -- and how doing the right thing might upend all of your plans.

Reynolds, Marilyn. Too Soon for Jeff. Buena Park: Morning Glory Press, 1994.

ISBN: 0930934911. $9.95.

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